Teachers CAN recognises the steep learning curve and intensity of the first years of teaching. Add to this challenging working conditions such as overcrowded classrooms, inadequate incentives and policy overload, the pressure to conform to conventional teaching norms can quickly become internalised.

To counter this, we seek to foster new ways for us to see ourselves as well as our role in the education system, developing our individual as well as collective identities as change agents within the system.

The annual Teachers CAN fellowship focuses on 25 young teachers, based anywhere in South Africa, and who are between the ages of 23 and 35.

The fellowship consists of immersion workshops, taking place during the March, June, and September public school holidays.

The immersion workshops will help young teachers develop a common identity rooted in professionalism, creativity and disruption of the status quo. The fellowship seeks to provide fellows with a stimulating and nurturing environment rooted in the belief that each one of them has the potential to make a difference in the education system.

Whilst the duration of the Teachers CAN fellowship has been designed as a one-year programme, alumni will remain key anchors of our network.

I started teaching because I wanted to create a safe space for learners where they can be themselves while learning and growing. My goal is to impact education in a way that helps us attain social justice in our country.

Thobani Ndlovu
2021 Teachers CAN fellow