Nabeela Mikaelah Adams

My name is Nabeela Adams. I am 29 years old, I studied at the University of The Free State where I completed my BEd Degree in Senior and FET phase education. My subject areas of expertise are English and Business studies.

I believe that in order to be a great educator, I have to be teachable and constantly challenge my comfort. My goal in life is to be a good person above all and always do and be better than I was the day before.

My care for my learners is my driving force in my career. I believe that learning is a collective effort and that you need to be willing to learn. I need to create a safe and respectful environment where my learners feel comfortable expressing themselves in a respectful manner towards others. I am soft hearted but strong and my superpower is my ability to care for others and place their needs above mine.

Teaching grants time the opportunity to aid others in becoming the best version of themselves and to facilitate their growth into a person who has integrity, is resilient and shows humanity in everything they do. My reward is having my learners come back to me and remember me as someone who stood as a support system for them and helped them through their personal growth journey. I get to interact and be a part of the lives of many amazing learners who have the potential to change the world even if it means that I take on their challenges as my own some days.

My vision for education in South Africa is to carry out a curriculum and schooling system that prioritises the growth and development of responsible, kind, resilient and respectful adolescents into adulthood. Currently, we prioritise academics over learner well-being and facilitating the growth of a well-rounded learner which means that the rest of the learners fall through the cracks or they prioritise academics so much that they forget to practice humanity. That being said, being in an environment that is conducive to both educator and learner, that allows for educator wellness and prioritises retaining and producing happy, mindful and passionate educators who feel safe and respected in their profession.

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