Lerato Moraba

My name is Lerato Moraba, and I’m a proud educator by profession. Cliché as it may be, I teach because I want to make a positive impact in our society. I also teach because this profession has granted me the gift to lead a purpose-driven life – I have 52+ reasons to wake up each morning, and to give my all to the people that I serve, my learners. My areas of interest in education are in Inclusive Education and neurodiversity, and as such, I’m a registered student at the University of Johannesburg pursuing a postgraduate qualification in Educational Psychology. The goal is and has always been to provide my community with access to an education and educational services that are ordinarily out of reach for them, be it in the classroom as an educator or at the Department of Education as an Educational Psychologist. My dream and vision for South African education is for the provision of a system that sees all of the learners within it as opposed to just some of them. My superpower is showing up/participating, and being a solutionist/problem solver who works well with others.

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