Who we are

Who we are

Teachers Change Agent Network (Teachers CAN) is a DG Murray Trust (DGMT) initiative with a vision of seeing young teachers play a vital role in the education ecosystem. The network was established from the understanding that young teachers often enter the profession with high levels of motivation to enable every child in South Africa to reach their full potential. However, they work in challenging environments, where classrooms mirror South Africa’s broader inequalities. The network was launched in 2020 and is built on the following elements: A strong manifesto to drive a common purpose and national agenda. A fellowship for young teachers who are change agents. A broader network of young teachers and their allies who believe in and actively work towards ensuring that teachers can live out the Teachers CAN manifesto. While the conventional concept of the “education system” is predominantly hierarchical, with teachers often finding themselves at the bottom of the hierarchy, at Teachers CAN we see teachers as professionals who are able to ensure quality education by collaborating not only with each other but also with various people within the whole “education ecosystem”. Currently, we are launching the Multiplier Programme, a programme aimed at ensuring that a broader network of change agent teachers is reached and that they will drive the expansion of a network that is truly teacher-led.

Teachers CAN vision the vision of Teachers CAN is for young teachers to be seen as the vital role players they are in influencing the education ecosystem.

We aim to do this by: 

  1. Connecting young teachers to each other.
  2. Elevating their role. 
  3. Amplifying their voice.

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