Odetty Thapelo Sebone

I am Odetty Thapelo Sebone a teacher at Toronto primary school Limpopo. As an educator i believe in holistic development of learners. My worldview believes every learner is different and must be taught in a way that he/she understand. Teachers are inspirational and live a life of legacy, i want to impact life’s in a positive way, encourage learners to reach their full potential. Through my hard work and involvement as a volunteer at University of Limpopo i have realised i have vision for teaching as a career by how i interacted with learners who came to learn science at the University and that made me to further my studies and pursue teaching. My goals are to develop Information Communication Technology (ICT) through teaching and learning in classrooms. I want to empower learners so they can be prepared for 4IR skills. I believe one day all learners will have ICT resources whether in rural, urban or city which will reduce inequalities. Every learner will have access to better education by best teachers in the world through ICT. I am very committed and working smart in ensuring my learners are computer literate that’s why I am an ICT National teacher award winner 1st position 2023 in Limpopo province. I agree with Nelson Mandela when he said education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

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