Thobani Ndlovu

School: SPARK Soweto
Based: Soweto, Gauteng

I am a compassionate, enthusiastic, and innovative Foundation Phase teacher as well as curriculum and content developer. My educational background includes B. Soc. Sci. Psychology (social and emotional skills), Hon. Industrial Psychology (leadership and organisational skills) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (pedagogical content and classroom management).

My experience spans from teaching grade R to lecturing final year education students. I come from rural KwaZulu-Natal, which has a very strong influence on the person I have become. I want to set children up for success in a 21st Century.

I started teaching because I wanted to create a safe space for learners where they can be themselves while learning and growing. I enjoy finding creative solutions to classroom challenges. An example of this was creating YouTube videos during level five of our national lockdown to ensure continued learning. My goal to impact education in a way that helps us attain social justice in our country.

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