Thomas Koketso Maseko

I am Thomas Koketso Maseko, a 29 year old educator with 6 years teaching experience. I became an educator to make education and academic excellence fashionable by inspiring learners to reach their full potential and offering a differentiated approach to teaching and learning that is relevant to the current societal needs and promote excellent academic achievements. I became a commerce educator because I am passionate about the content I am delivering and believe I can impart the same passion into my learners.I envision South Africa’s education system to afford learners equal opportunities by providing all teaching and learning support material such as textbooks, ICT and physical infrastructure, especially in rural areas that is necessary to realise a conducive teaching and learning environment. I believe in various learning abilities, as an educator I should be able cater for various learning and teaching strategies and a differentiated curriculum that allows learners equal opportunities to excel in their various fields. My super natural power is the ability to change a learners perception of the subject that I am teaching, I am able to capture interest in any topic that I am presenting.

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