Zandile Mnguni

I’m Zandile Mnguni, I teach because i believe that there’s no better profession to help me mold young children into responsible, confident and intellectually capable adults who will be future leaders. The only place where i get to help children realise their dreams and reach their full potential is an educational institution. I became a teacher because i felt that the teacher who taught us back then, especially in primary school were not doing justice to the profession. We usually found ourselves in a position where we were scared of the teacher and would therefore not be free in their classroom. I became a teacher so that i could change that, i want learners to be free around me as an educator, enjoy my lessons and also wish to become an educator like me when they grow up. My goals and areas of interest in this department are educational activities that encourage learners to do public speaking, research and computer skills such as Inkosi Albert Luthuli and HESOP competitions in history which teach such skills. My vision for education in south Africa is equality, i wish to see all learners being equal regardless of the school they are in or village they come from. I want to see them being offered equal opportunities in the outside world and also feeling equally confident about engaging in certain activities. My superpower is innovation. I’m a innovative person who thinks really fast whenever i have to come with a solution or whenever i have to deliver a presentation on a particular topic.

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