Gugu Shandu

My name is Gugu, and I’m a student of life. I teach because I love to share information and to contribute to how the learners, who are members of society think. I love to be in educationally stimulating environments with the belief that I have a chance to influence the generation that will come with tomorrow’s change. I also give myself grace to learn something new from these environments too. My goals in education involve coming up with ways to improve on mental health issues that affect teachers and also learners. I’d like to also contribute towards curriculum development as some topics need revision as they are no longer relevant in today’s society. I’d also love to be in spaces which motivate boys. My vision for education in South Africa is one where schools are places where learners are equipped with all skills that they would need in life, not only educationally, but also schools which teach about mindset, teaching skills, financial literacy and mental health amongst other things. My superpower is the ability to see the world differently and my ability to help others to see the greatness within themselves.

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