Carmen Belling

Ms Belling is currently an educator at Canaan College situated in Umlazi, Durban. Ms. Belling’s dedication to education extends beyond the classroom, encompassing a vision for innovative and resource-conscious teaching practices tailored to the South African context. With a keen interest in exploring diverse approaches to education, she is committed to incorporating minimal yet multifunctional resources into her teaching methodology. This approach not only maximises the impact of available resources but also fosters creativity and adaptability among both educators and students. In envisioning the future of education in South Africa, Ms. Belling adopts a pragmatic yet proactive stance. She acknowledges the existing resources and limitations within the country’s educational landscape as foundational elements for informed decision-making. By emphasising effective planning and an openness to innovation, she seeks to drive positive change within the current system while recognising and addressing the challenges faced by educators. Central to Ms. Belling’s vision is the belief in practical solutions that yield tangible results. While she does not underestimate the complexities inherent in the educational sphere, she maintains a forward-looking mindset, constantly striving to propel the system towards meaningful transformation. Her superpower lies in her ability to create and utilize resources efficiently, empowering herself and her peers to navigate challenges with ingenuity and resilience. As Ms. Belling continues her journey in education, she remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering inclusive, engaging, and transformative learning experiences. With her unwavering dedication to innovation and resourcefulness, she is poised to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape of South Africa, inspiring both students and fellow educators alike to embrace the power of education as a catalyst for positive change.

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