Sphiwe Thwala

School: Musa Secondary School
Based: Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga

My name is Sphiwe Thwala, male aged 25 years, I hold BCom Financial Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education both attained at the University of Pretoria. I have an extensive experience in corporate with over 2 years experience and over 2 years experience in teaching and mentorship. I left corporate in pursuit of my love to guide, capacitate, mentor and teach.

The mountain has the power/talent to carry a forest on its back. But the squirrel has the skill to crack a nut which cannot be done by a mountain. I recognize talent differs from one learner to another, I chose a career in teaching to make a difference in those little packs. My goal in this career is to capacitate the learners to the lenses of the real world and prepare them to seek to solve the negative issues in our discourses.

My area of interest on education is deep rooted in the issues surrounding decoloniality in education, what is entails, its significance and its true meaning into solving the socioeconomic issues of this country. My vision for education in South Africa is to see an education that will be at the centre of transformation in our economy, entrepreneurship and resolving the social factors of our country.

My superpowers are the power of influence and engagements. I believe in the shift in the mindset through influence, knowledge and capacity building.

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