Takatso Goodwill Phohlo

School: Phillip Mtywaku SSS
Based: King Williams Town, Eastern Cape

I am Takatso Goodwill Phohlo, from the Eastern Cape ,I am currently working as a teacher at Xolani SSS, where I am considering myself not only just as a teacher but change maker as well as a beacon of hope for the children of the community that I am serving .My role is to give to the learners the quality education that will respond to their needs and those of the community that they are coming from. I am currently working for the Department of Education which has assigned me to deliver content to the learners and help them with extra curriculum activities but be that as it may, I strongly believe that my work should go beyond those limitations as I continuously proceed with the process of education in and outside the classroom or even outside the premises because the assignment is to give light to the nation and manufacture responsible citizens. My goal is to one day see our beloved country having the most improved education standards, which can be possible through setting clear direction, high qualification expectations and provisions for talent identification and development. My goal is to see the unemployment rate drop against the rise of entrepreneurship because of getting the type of education that is responding to the development of entrepreneurial skills and the needs of learners. I have worked with many structures, NPO’S and NGO’s to establish a collaborative program of an inclusive education and to ensure that there is a provision of quality education in a professional space. All in all the assignment is to make sure that learners are receiving the most quality education in and outside the classroom so that they go back to use their skills to develop their communities and transform their lives.