Sean Gift Matji

School: Matsepe Primary School
Based: Tafelkop, Mpumalanga

I’m Sean Gift Matji, one person who grew up in a rural disadvantaged village called Senotlelo in Mpumalanga. I had a passion for teaching from an early age, and I had to follow this passion in order to improve black life through education.
My goal of interest in this teaching field is ‘’rural development’’ through education. To in-still much knowledge to learners so that at the end of the day they can become better people in society.

I dream of a nation that is learned, a generation that is educationally developed and a generation that develops black life. In this pursuit, I and other friends and colleagues have formed an NPO by the name of ‘Rural Child it is Possible’ where I’m the treasure. The NPO is based on taking rural to urban through education.

Leadership is my superpower. I am the leader of the sports n cultural committee and also the leader of computer integration at my work field now and it is all going well.

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