Nonkululeko Mthimunye

School: Beacon College
Based: Malalane, Mpumalanga

Nonkululeko Mthimunye is a young professional female educator at Beacon College, a private school located in Malelane, Mpumalanga.I have been teaching Geography and Tourism from grade 10-12 for the past 4 years. In May 2022 I was promoted to being a departmental head as a result of my hardwork and dedication, an achievement that I am very proud of.

Looking back to my first year of teaching with zero experience and a non teaching qualification, all I had was the desire and eagerness to learn and gain experience. I am pleased that teaching found me because it is due to that experience that I was Inspired to pursue my Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

I became a teacher because it is more of a calling for me. Teaching has allowed me to be flexible and not limited as I can take on various roles beside delivering pedagogical content knowledge in the classroom, I can be a friend, a guide, a motivator a sister, you name it, basically an all rounder. But most importantly my lifelong goal as an educator is to have a long lasting positive influence on the lives of learners, so they can grow to become responsible citizens and global game changers.

In the near future I envision a more improved inclusive education, whereby each learner will be exposed to a conducive learning environment with adequate access to resources that will facilitate effective learning. I also hope that technical skills as well as entrepreurial skills should be taught at schools so learners can benefit from both academic and vocational skills.

I believe that being an educator is a superpower on its own. However I would like to recognise my ability of building solid relationships, which are built on love and passion with my students, as a superpower too. Because of this superpower I am able to change the lives of learners in many ways more than one.