Sinesipho Sonka

School: Welwitschia Primary School
Based: Delft South, Western Cape

I am Sinesipho Sonka, I believe I am a vibrant person, I have to have a bubbly personality and I love challenging myself and trying new things. I became a teacher because I wanted to give back to the community. I was raised by a strong black woman, a phenomenal woman who inspired and still inspires me today and all that I have learnt from her I wanted to teach others as well. As a teacher, you are a mother and what I learned from all my teachers including my mother I wanted to teach the next generation.

My goal is to make a change in our society, I want to make sure I instil confidence, good behaviour, respect, a positive attitude and all that I have learnt from my teachers, I want to change the mindset of a black child that all is possible, I want to make sure that I put my mark in this world, I want to encourage, guide and be an example that your background does not define you. I want to instil in my learners all that I have learnt at school, neighbourhood and home so that the next generation can be in a good mentality, have respect, be kind to one another, have Ubuntu and be able to help one another, respect and understand the diversity we have in our country, love instead of hating, care instead of not caring, have values and be independent and to be able to accept situations that they cannot change. Forgive in order to find peace, we are a broken nation and for me, we still need to find ourselves as human beings and get back our humanity and that is my goal, that is pure education.

I dream that education can be equal and beneficial in South Africa. Our education system is failing us each and every day, hence we find so many people unemployed. There are a lot of people who are educated and uneducated that cannot get jobs, it’s either they are under-qualified, over-qualified, too young or too old, don’t have experience or whatever. I dream that South Africa would enhance the natural abilities that humans have, they must include in our education system programmes that support natural capabilities or gifts so that the education system does not force our learners to forget about those capabilities and lead them into believing that education is the only key to success and survival whereas they fail to even provide jobs for the same people they told education is the key. I could write a book about my vision and dreams for our education system in South Africa.