Senamile Gazu

School: Thembimfundo Special School
Based: Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal

I am Senamile Gazu, I am a Special Needs educator who is passionate about assisting and supporting learners with special needs. I was born in Eshowe in KZN province. I have the following qualifications, a B.Com degree in Information Systems & Technology and Supply Chain Management, and a PGCE in CAT & EMS. I teach because I want to make a difference in the rural community I believe in the verse in the  Bible which says “people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”. My areas of interest in education are inclusive education and computer/technology-integrated education. My dream for education is the redefinition of our education system in terms of the curriculum and objectives of education. I would like to see a curriculum that is inclusive and caters for technical occupational skills. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, I enjoy using a range of ICT devices to improve teaching, and I like learning new innovative methods of teaching that move away from old teaching methods.

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