Mogale John Molele

School: Masinakane Special School 
Based: Sehoko Village,  Dr JS Moroka Municipality, Mpumalanga

Teaching for me is not only about teaching a subject or even mastering the subject but about changing the life of the learner, bringing light and hope to every learner in my school. My aim for choosing teaching as a career was to help learners fulfil their dreams and be whatever they want to be in life and to help them to follow their dream. My goal is to change the lives of young people through education by helping them with information regarding the importance of school and how they can overcome their problems or challenges from early childhood to the teenage stage. My goal is to see myself working in high positions in the Education department where I will be representing learners including learners with special education needs. I want to be their word, their voice so they can be heard. Improving the quality of education by making sure that every child receives education regardless of age, gender, race and disability. Improving my skills as a teacher and a leader so every child could see me as their mentor and role model.

My vision in this country is to see education being supported by the private sector and having more departments/public sector in education. Improving physical education and supporting learners with the eight different types of intelligence in order to empower every learner not only in class but in all spheres of education. My superpower is in development. Developing young people through different workshops. Youth participation is my superpower – enabling youth to become active citizens and making difference in the life of other youth. Empowering youth is what I do best and most of my time.

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