Mokgalaka Itumeleng Sekwele

School: Hoërskool Pretoria-Wes 
Based: Pretoria West, Gauteng

I became a teacher to serve my purpose in this world, where future young leaders could benefit from my existence. I aspire to be the producer of future entrepreneurs for our country.

Given that the school environment is very challenging, I have improved on my personal attributes such as being a team player, being assertive and having resilience in the workplace.

The classroom fit the perfect vision when I was placing myself in the real world as an adult. I imagined myself being surrounded by young people who looked up to me and I had the superpower to believe in them in a way that made them believe in themselves.

My goal is to develop a curriculum through an African perspective which is aimed at facilitating knowledge that will build and shape the future of young South Africans who have a true identity. The vision is to transform the South African curriculum to meet the expectation of the nation as Africans. This notion gives me an opportunity to define my philosophy of education through a South African perspective that will create a curriculum that accommodates South Africans.

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