Dimakatso Mzizi

School: Seanamarena high school
Based: Soweto, Gauteng

I am Dimakatso Mzizi a 27-year-old Geography, Tourism and English teacher. I currently teach grades 8, 10,11, and 12 in a public school, I have 3 years of teaching experience, and I hold a degree in psychology as well as a PGCE. I am a dedicated individual, reliable and professional and I have a good working relationship with my learners. I never thought I would ever become a teacher, it was never a goal or dream of mine so I believe teaching choose me. I made the decision to become a teacher in my third year of university while I was studying psychology and I am very glad I went that route, I am passionate about my work because I love what I do wholeheartedly. I am also ambitious and driven, I have a steady source that motivates me to do my best, and being in the classroom feels like home to me, that might sound crazy but like every home that has its challenges so does the classroom and we work through them as they come. I am goal oriented constantly checking how close or far I may be to achieving and I encourage that in my learners. As a teacher, my focus is to make sure my learners are able to tap into their full potential and achieve their goals. I am ambitious and driven therefore I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards this is why I would love to see the education system of our country fully diversified, inclusive and integrative in its methods. What I mean by this is for all learners from all walks of life with and without disabilities, with or without barriers to learning seen and treated as equals. Also, mental awareness and financial awareness play a bigger role rather than just being a topic in LO or EMS. Likewise, what we regard as extra mural activities our sports, arts and crafts or evening cooking, some learners thrive at these more than they do in maths and science or content-dense subjects, therefore, finding ways to integrate these even at high levels e.g. FET so that our learners have broader knowledge and opportunities in selecting they careers through subject choices that are aligned with their career. In so doing they are always looking for opportunities to do better and achieve greatness and having fun all while doing this – that would be awesome right? Overall Ma’am Mzizi or rather known as Ma’am Bubbles is an all-rounder, a teacher, friend and parent, who has turned her classroom into more than just a class but a safe haven where learners’ opinions and feelings are validated. All this is built on mutual respect for each other, kindness, love and always remembering there is a greater Being who loves and watches over us always, who helps me in teaching and growing independent young individuals who can face the world head-on. Be the change in order to see the change you want to see.

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