Debby Chelopo

School: Die Hoerskool Staat President C> R Swart
Based: Waverly Pretoria, Gauteng

I, Debby Chelopo, am a 25-year-old, young professional with a great passion for nurturing the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. I also have a great interest in academia and research towards the future of technology in education. I’d love to see African education systems and principles being on the same level as our counterparts in more developed continents/ countries. I dream of being seated at a table of education decision-makers who will ensure quality and competitive education for all. I became a teacher due to an ability I did not know I possessed but those around me had taken note. I started tutoring my fellow peers in grade 6 and it continued all the way till my matric year. My spare time is dedicated towards my hobby of skin care product formulation and taking walks for fun. I believe my superpower is my ability to super-analyze situations before taking action.

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