Charmaine Mareana

School: Glenbrack High School
Based: Meyerton, Gauteng

I’m a 31-year-old female, born and bred in the city of Johannesburg. I completed my audio-visual communication degree at the University of Johannesburg, then proceeded to doing my honours in anthropology, and ultimately, ventured into the field of education.

I have been teaching in high school now for a little over three years and loving it! I teach because I want to have a positive impact on every young person I get to meet, creating long lasting memories and teaching skills that will transcend beyond the norm.

I believe that it is through the teaching of young people that lasting impressions are made, the best of these impressions make remarkable pioneers in our society. Being a teacher allows me the platform to help plant these seeds of positivity.

My goal in the field of education includes being a part of a group of leaders who help change and improve the curriculum to best suit the needs of the differently abled children we have in our country.

My vision for our education system is to continuously explore and find new ways to bridge the infrastructural gaps that exist within the education system and eliminating contextual hindrances. To sign off, I want to make note of the fact that I have lots of superpowers! The two that stand out are my amazing wit as well as being a good listener!