Andiswa Mgibantaka

School: Mbulelo Benekane S.S.S
Based: King William’s Town, Eastern Cape

I am Andiswa Mgibantaka teaching mathematics and physical sciences from one of the schools situated in King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. Teaching is not only a job to me but a passion. I attended a school situated in a rural area, where learners were not keen on learning and I told myself that I will pursue teaching so that I would have positive influence on a child’s life, mould them for a better future and have a huge impact on them. By that, I wanted to plough back and contribute to my community in a meaningful way. Moreover, I was inspired by one of my mathematics teachers, the way he taught mathematics; the way he would introduce a lesson and I told myself that one day I want to be a teacher.

In the education sector, I want to be a teaching change agent. I want to foster effective teaching, reshape and rebuild the curriculum to cater to the generation of pupils that we are teaching. I want to instil creativity and independence to generate quality learning in learners. The classroom remains the place where we spend most of the time with learners, as a teacher I want to create a conducive environment for learners, where all learners will be catered for, by that I will be nurturing inclusivity in class. I am also a researcher, and in due course, I am intending to give feedback to the department, subject advisors, school departmental heads and school teachers on the causes of underperformance in learners (more especially mathematics) and give recommendations on how we can enhance the results.

For the nation as a whole, I want to work harder to provide a top-notch education for our pupils which will then lead to our thriving as a country. In this nation that is thirsty for new generations of leaders and educated youth, I want to be a vital resource; I want to be a warrior who will impact the learning outcomes of the country. Eventually, I want to watch learners succeed, grow and develop their skills.

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