Andiswa Duleni

School: Injongo Primary School
Based: Khayelitsha, Western Cape

My name is Andiswa Duleni, I am currently a Grade 4 Maths teacher at Injongo Primary School. I became a teacher because I want to create a safe space for children or learners to become the best versions of themselves. I became a teacher because I want to build and gain trust to learners so that they can be able to talk about anything on their minds.
My goals are to make a difference in the learners lives, I want to bring hope and change to the learners by making them know that it is okay to start from humble beginnings.

My area of interest is making learners comfortable to talk about anything, be able to come and try new ideas without being turned down.

My vision for education in South Africa is to see each and every child having access to education. It does not matter where the learner comes from, race, ability or disability. According to my understanding learners should receive quality education that does not discriminate.
My super-power is God.