Zayaan Jinnah

School: Saint Andrews School for Boys
Based: Bloemfontein, Free State

A 27-year-old Educator who regards education as a service with integrity and moral ethics. My best hope for Education in South Africa is that we may lead as compassionate individuals and know that we hold the power of influence within ourselves and that we help shape the Nation by equipping those in our classrooms with the ability to maximize and reach their potential and to be apart of the revolution to change this country. Dismantling the systems of oppression against humanity and the planet by involving the youth in initiatives to provide service above self and to develop well-rounded individuals who hold the future of our country in their hands by breaking out of toxic cycles and in turn creating a ripple effect in the societies they may lead. Rebuilding societies through education allows children’s voices to be heard. I hold dear the fact that teachers hold a tremendous impact on learners; we are role models who motivate change outside of the classroom as much as we impart knowledge inside of the classroom. My superpower is that I will always invent and reinvent myself through learning.

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