Yolokazi Mambi

School: Hayfields Primary School
Based: Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

I consider myself as a change agent and thus I became a teacher out of the desire to see impactful and inclusive development across Africa. I realised one the most impactful ways on achieving this is through the Education sector and teaching with the intent of creating critical thinkers. I am interested in seeing major policy reform in education, particularly within Life Orientation for older learners and critical thinking skills being harnessed throughout each stage of learning for a child. I hope to experience in my time an educational sector that reforms with each industrial age – and can handle change due to critical thinking skills that have been fostered in learners from a young age. A South Africa that appreciates that education need not only be culturally based, as we have become such a global world, but that education is placed to enhance ones livelihood throughout the ages.

My superpower is that children are drawn to how I deeply care for them, leading them to always respond positively to my discipline and instruction.

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