Tremayne Aiken

School: Staats Primary School
Based: Kimberley, Northern Cape 

My name is Tremayne Aiken. I am 26 years old and I am a teacher who dreams. I have been formally teaching for the last four years but involved in the field of education for the last seven.

I have a BA in communications, a PGCE specializing in Senior Phase language teaching and FET Phase English and have completed my TEFL Level 5. My passions are language and Maths and I believe that children need in a space where they are encouraged, inspired and empowered to be able to learn optimally.

I have a deep-seated desire to pursue an additional postgraduate qualification in curriculum development as my aspiration is to contribute to curriculum policy across school phases in the country because of the experience I’ve gained from my experience in the classroom.

I have a strong belief in making learners the centre of my approach to education because learners have different needs, desires and strengths and it is important that a facilitator of education is willing to explore the potential of each learner in their uniqueness.

My goal is to leave a lasting impact on the education system by networking, getting the right parties invested and involved and ensuring the system is aimed at effectively empowering the next generation of society; to make sure that they are being motivated to learn by educators who have integrity, humility and the adequacy to support and cheer them on.
Education is not for the weak-hearted or ill-equipped. Education is a special field that requires commitment and passion and the desire to make a change and help broader society.

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