Thulisile Mokoena

School: Sozama Secondary School 
Based: Middelburg, Mpumalanga

My name is Thulisile Zwanangaye Mokoena. I am a 24-year-old young passionate teacher in the town of Middelburg, Mpumalanga. I am what I am today because I had a teacher. I wouldn’t have been a teacher without great teacher role models from elementary school to High school. I knew Queens from an early age. They loved me and shaped me into what I am today. They loved me like their own daughter, which made me feel the affection of a mother and experience that “the teacher is a parent far away from home”. This whole experience motivated me to become a teacher. I want to change the life of the learner in my unusual way. The main thing is that, I want to change the story on the subject of mathematics, that not everyone can do the subject because it is difficult. I want to be a teacher who gives learners confidence to do Mathematics and pass it. My goal is to one day get a textbook I wrote, a textbook that contextualizes the content and shows the learner that math is part of their everyday life.

My dream for Education in South Africa is a system that is realistic and involves teachers in everything. At this point, teachers are told what to do and decisions are made by those who are not in class and are not facing all these challenges that teachers have to face on a daily basis. My superpowers are: I can transform people, make them understand why they are alive, and build healthy relationships with learners and colleagues. I am an innovative and smart worker, a team player and willing to provide support.

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