Siposetu Ndiki

School: Bongolethu Primary School 
Based: Philippi, Western Cape 

I currently work as a grade 7 teacher, teaching English and Economics and Management Science (EMS). I chose to teach as my career of choice. I became a teacher to contribute to my community, to make an impact in children’s lives one class at a time. I wanted to be a driving force in making change and creating a better South Africa by teaching its future leaders.

My goal and vision are to have learners who have good quality education. Not just a piece of paper but something that they can be proud of. Something that will help them open closed doors. Help them reach their most creative and innovative selves.

I want to see every child getting a good quality education in every corner of South Africa. I want to look at them and see eagerness, drive and ambition. My superpower is spreading love.