Palesa Alice Mohotlane

School: Kgothalang Primary School
Based: Wattville, Gauteng

I am Palea Alice Mohotlane, I became a teacher because it is indeed an opportunity to create an impact in the lives of young and old individuals. I want to create an impact that will forever remain and be heartily treasured. I chose to teach because I wanted to enable the learners to become responsible learners and develop their abilities. My goals are for my learners to view me as someone they can comfortably talk to and can request help from. To be a person who my learners view as supportive, helpful, and kind. while am interested in all the areas of education but as a peace educator am enthusiastic about making sure all learners love each other and look out for each other they look beyond the person’s skin colour, the language they speak, or where they come from. I teach my learners about diversity and that we are all human beings, we should love and care about each other, and for them learning this at school they are able to take it home and educate their families that they should love and not discriminate against another person because they don’t look like them. My dream is for everyone to get educated both young and old and to have quality education in public schools too.

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