Lulama Gaswind

School: Pescodia Primary School
Based: Kimberley, Northern Cape

I am a Bachelor of Education graduate from Sol Plaatje University. I specialised in Mathematics, English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language and Natural Science and Technology. I have been tutoring Mathematics from the time I was a student and I currently still work as a tutor. I also volunteered at a local primary school during my final year in 2020 when the school was having challenges related to the pandemic.I currently teach Mathematics and just completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education.

Mathematics has always been my favourite subject mostly because of my most memorable teacher was my grade 4 Maths teacher. She always made sure she explained the topics in relatable manners despite the fact that Maths is generally perceived as a difficult subject. I wanted to be like that teacher. I always wanted to support my learners in any appropriate manner to ensure that school feels like a place where learning is made easy and relatable as well as create a safe space, because for a lot of them, school is an escape from their challenging reality.

My vision for education in South Africa is to help develop learners holistically so they can become lifelong learners who will constantly seek out and make use of opportunities to learn and grow both locally and globally. Learners should be able to flourish not just academically but also though other aspects.

I would also love to emphasise the importance of learning Mathematics instead of simply teaching it because this is a subject that can most certainly help open a lot doors for learners in their futures. Less learners need to shy away from the subject.

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