Bronley Mbowane

School: Twalakule English Medium School
Based: Dwarsloop, Mpumalanga

I am Bronley Mbowane an educator at Twalakule English Medium School in Dwarsloop Phase 1, I am an enthusiastic educator who enjoys a challenging work environment, and I have strong interpersonal skills. I love working with various people and children and I have strong communication skills. My teaching experience is good and I have thrived in the various teaching environment roles both private and public which I have undertaken. I am an exceptional hard-working individual with excellent networking skills.

Growing up in the dusty streets and disadvantaged background of Majembeni village, where children perceive that going to school is not beneficial and important, I decided to study education so that I could plough back and bring positive change to my community. I also had the desire for children in my homestead to better their upbringing and have a superior future so that they can become better citizens in our country and develop our village through education.

My interest is particularly in inclusive education. Most rural schools are marginalized and segregated in terms of infrastructure and educational budget. An inclusive education is one that accommodates disabled children even in rural areas and where they can access better infrastructure.

My vision for South African education is that rural and urban schools have the same educational budget and the same allocation of educational infrastructure. Most rural schools still lack textbooks, computer labs and public libraries where learners can access their educational needs as soon as possible to always stay focused. The educational budget for rural schools should be the same as the one for urban public schools, this will enable children in rural areas to have better educational facilities, including facilities for extramural activities for example tennis courts, soccer fields, and netball fields – this will help less academic performing learners have interest to be in schools.

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