An examination of young teacher experiences.

Last year, we undertook a study that explores how young teachers in South Africa understand their experiences, issues, challenges, and aspirations relative to our Teachers CAN manifesto.

With the ultimate aim of bringing together different role players in the education sector to create a common understanding and base from which to work together with young teachers and co-create a new reality where teachers’ experiences are valued in building innovative solutions for the education crisis in South Africa.

The study engaged with 436 young teachers through a combination of online and telephonic surveys as well as conducting qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with 75 young teachers. An important part of this report was about the voices of young teachers and how that relates to the Teachers CAN manifesto. To read the full report visit

Manifesto point #5: Play an active role in school structures
Manifesto point #4: Innovate own and school-wide teaching practices
Manifesto point #3: Connect to a wider world of social change
Manifesto point #2: Support learners to reach their full potential
in aspects of their lives.
Manifesto point #1: Engage as equals and for equality in schools