Zayaan Jinnah

City: Bloemfontein

What school do you teach at?
Saint Andrews School for Boys

Where is your school located?

A teacher by profession and a change agent by heart, I teach because I have this dire passion to inspire change. My best hope in the education sphere is to challenge the youth to be better than those who came before them – to break out of cycles and to learn from the mistakes of others.

Forming a community with other educators who are like- and unlike-minded will sow the seeds of what a change agent truly is. My dream is to tap into every educator and hold spaces for them where they get to experience what the Teachers CAN community offers. I think so many educators are so demotivated due to various reasons, that they forget why they started this career in the first place – many have forgotten the principles of being a change agent and do not even place change agency at the core of their teaching.

This space breeds change within itself and that change will multiply into the spaces that educators occupy, I believe that forming a generative community will be the start of generating change – this county and the youth of this country desperately need educators who are revived and enthusiastic for laying the stepping stones for change in classrooms that then lead into the community.

My vision for education in South Africa is a system that teaches skills to enhance employability, a system that holds integrity and morals at the heart of teaching, and a system that emphasizes values.

My superpower is staying open to fresh perspectives and being self-aware.

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