Xoliswa Dlamini

School: Linpark High School
Based: Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

I’m 30 years old and I just finished a Master’s in Mathematics Education. I am also a high school teacher, a Going Green activist and a team building facilitator. I teach because I have a passion to build, equip and bring positive change in younger generations and society at large.

I became a teacher because I saw that South Africa needs more teachers with different mindsets, teaching strategies and innovative characters, who will bring change and who are comfortable the challenges each generation of learners brings to the classroom.

My goal is to see learners going to school to learn to be positive change agents according to their abilities. My wish for them is not to chase education for spoon-to-mouth practice but to be solutions to current challenges. My goal is to reconcile the Learner and Teacher, and to remind them of their main purpose in school and the country at large.

My dream for South Africa is that it’s a country where education is the norm and going to school is a want-to-be-there kind of place.

My superpowers are excellent discipline strategies, healthy relationships with learners and colleagues, an innovative and smart worker, team player, and a leader from behind by using facilitating skills. I also believe in social constructivism.