Sinethemba Dyasi

School: I.D Mkize BCM School
Based: Heideveld, Western Cape

I am hardworking and resilient; I pride myself with being on the Deans Merit List for more than three consecutive years during my time at university. I am a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. I have not only academically excelled but have also achieved in co-curricular. I currently hold four Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) awards for co-curricular excellence.

I chose teaching to fuel the potential that is within every one of our learners in South Africa. I believe in each and everyone of them, and in their ability to reach for the stars. My interest in education is particularly in language education. According to the PIRLS (2016) majority of learners cannot read for meaning. I wish to integrate information communication technologies (ICT) to advance learning of English for those learners whose first language is indigenous.

I hold an Honours Degree in Education and have successfully registered for a Master’s in Education in 2021 to investigate the gaps and make my contribution within the education sphere. For me, self-development is important and, in a forever changing world, I believe that all teachers should equip themselves.

In addition, I wish to see South Africa with absolute equality. I want to see a balance in the disparities of the past for all languages, social classes, and ethnicities. An education system that will not exclude others while giving some privileges – both intentionally and unintentionally.

Lastly, my superpower is doing everything with absolute love. Moreover, it is knowing that in a world full of evil I have touched a soul, even if it’s just one, at least somewhere in the world. I am a change agent!

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