Rethabile Princess Vavane-Mgciba

City: Evaton

What school do you teach at?
Itsebeng Primary School

Where is your school located?

Rethabile Princess Vavane-Mgcina has a track record of successful teaching and education reform, and has been teaching children of 9 years to 14 years depending on which grade they are doing for the past 9 years. She grew surrounded by teachers and elders working in the education department, which inspired her to become a tutor at the Bophelong Tutoring Programme founded by Dr Diseko Pooe and other young adults residing at Bophelong township community in the Vaal Triangle Gauteng. She tutored accounting and economics from 2011 when she was doing her first year.

Mrs Vavane-Mgcina attended North-West University where she obtained her 1st Bcom degree on a full provincial bursary from GCRA, which was awarded to every top learner at their respective school and district at that time. She further studied Post Graduate Certificate in Education where she majored with Economics and Accounting. She furthered her studies in education with MANCOSA studying BEd Honours in Education Leadership and Management. She is currently studying Masters in Education Leadership and Management focusing on the impact the management of LTSM by the School Management Team have on learner performance.

For the past 9 years Mrs Vavane-Mgcina has been teaching English FAL, Visual Art, Music. She has taught Social Sciences and Life Skills. She was a PLC Leader for Creative Arts circuit 4 in 2018 and she is a member of the Sedibeng West District Languages Circuit 4.2 Professional Learning Community. She has a strong believe that professional teaching communities help educators/teachers to be capacitated and encourages team work, which is part of team building, reminding educators that team work is very important in order for one to achieve a community goal. She further believes that such platform will help educators to gain self confidence and will have a positive impact on learner performance. She further believes that having such communities will ensure that the teaching that is delivered by learners is of good quality and each learner receives quality education. Teachers will be able to share their challenges that they face daily and be able to understand the policies and guidelines in the education department.

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