Nonkululeko Mthimunye

City: Mbombela

What school do you teach at?
Beacon College

Where is your school located?
Mpumalanga, Malelane

I became a teacher because I was inspired by two of my former Geography teachers back in high school, Mr Thani and Mr Malambe. They brought a different perspective of what a teacher is for they where able to make the classroom vibrant, engaging and they related content to things that were familiar to us. From then on I realised the importance of a teacher in bringing an understanding of things that happen in our everyday lives. I easily got inspired because I have always longed to be someone who gets to contribute positively to the world and teaching was one of the ways I could make a difference, because it means I will be able to make life long impacts into the lives of the learners i teach. In essence teaching is a profession that compliments my passion for education.

With this 5 years of teaching experience I got to realise that teachers are unmotivated, and that is confused with being lazy. I believe that have this community will encourage educators to find their “Why?” and realise their potential. If teachers are fulfilled we are a step closer to delivering quality education. This community will allow teachers with different skillset, knowledge and experience to network thus feeding off from one another which is vital for ones growth. This is simply because there is power in collaboration.

My goal in Education is to see schools prioritise mental health as much as they do with academics. I believe with this collaboration the holistic development of the child is guaranteed. I also envision a South Africa where each child has access to quality education with an environment that is conducive for learning. Lastly I would like to advocate for financial literacy in schools as well as introducing entrepreneurial studies so that learners can be able to be self-sufficient right after Matric.

My Super power is resilience. And being a teacher is a super power on its own.

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