Nomalungelo Machele

School: SPARK Soweto
Based: Soweto, Gauteng

I am an enthusiastic, goal-driven young lady who is passionate about making a difference in children’s lives and making a change in the education system in South Africa. As a teenager, I wrote down my goal of wanting to become the World’s Greatest Teacher. My educational background includes a B.Ed (FET) and a Honours in B.Soc.Sci Cum Laude (Heritage and Cultural Tourism). My experience spans from tutoring University students to teaching Grade 1 Mathematics. I am currently an Assistant Principal who strives to lead with compassion. I believe that young teachers need to be disruptors and change the status quo to set up the children we teach for success for the 21st Century learning. I hail from a small town in Kwa-Zulu Natal called Stanger/ Kwa Dukuza. I enjoy watching TED talks as I always walk away feeling inspired and ready to make an impact towards change in my own life as well as my surroundings. I believe that motivation is the key to achieving your dreams. I enjoy listening to morning affirmations as they get me ready to inspire my team and my scholars. I believe that South Africa can and will lead global education.

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