Hopolang Innocent Lekhetha

City: Cape Town

What school do you teach at?
Leiden High School

Where is your school located?
Leiden, Delft

Hello, I am Hopolang Lekhetha. Casually known as Mr. H. I teach because I, through grace have been afforded the opportunity and pleasure to impact others. I teach becasue, its important. Becasue, Education matters and it changes things for the better. The desire was innitally imparted by my Life Sciences teacher, not becasue of how or what he taught but who he was to me. How he respected me and saw me not what I was, but for who I could be.

As a developing expert, I know how important community is, as such, I find it most valuable that opportunities for collaboration and networking, shared experiences make the journey a little more bearable. A little more achievable.

My goals/interests for education are centred around cultivating a community of people who will, like before hold the standard of the profession to very high levels. In conduct, practice and being.

My dream for education in South Africa is to OPEN THE DOORS FOR QUALITY LEARNING. Its not enough that all kids go to school. But we should ask ourselves, how are the clasrooms, the materials, the facilities, the saftey, the teachers, the communities etc. is there dignity in what we are offering to the future generation. For me, thats the pulse of the matter.

Super power? 😀
to make every child believe they can ALL WALK ON WATER.

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