Aphiwe Mtyobile

School: Simunye High School
Based: Delft, Western Cape

I am a 29-year-old high school teacher, friend, son, partner, and a person who believes in values that promote independence and creating a safe space for others to be free to be who they are. I am a champion of having a positive attitude, I learn from my mistakes, and I improve my approach for the next day to come. I believe in empowering others to reach their full potential by enlightening their minds and attitudes.

Education means growing knowledge and exploring talents and skills that can be used to our advantage. As a teacher in a disadvantaged community, I make sure to facilitate a classroom that is conducive for teaching and learning without compromising the quality of education.

I also believe teaching is based on communication, which is not only verbal but also can be expressed by non-verbal emotions and behaviour. I always wanted to become a teacher from a young age because I was surrounded by teachers in my family. I was amazed at how teachers were respected in the community, especially where I grew up in the rural part of the Eastern Cape. I also wanted to be part of changing society, and I wanted to become a teacher that is mindful that not all learners are the same and, therefore, the approach to teaching them shouldn’t be the same.

My dream is to see children in South Africa receiving the best education irrespective of geographical circumstances and financial power.

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